5 Tips on How to Plan Your Next Trip to Sri Lanka

May 16, 2017
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Tip No 1. Get the right flight for the right price.

For anyone travelling from Europe or the UK, a return ticket to Sri Lanka would cost roughly around $x – $xx. x-x from far East Asia and x-x from the Americas.

The next concern would be your Visa. You would require a visa to enter the country. It can be obtained through (give link). Although it’s possible to collect your visa on arrival, it’s advised to have it ready to reduce time spent on queues and counters.

Tip No 2. Finding the right travel partner.

Of course we cannot deny that planning the entire trip your self would feel more rewarding than having it planned for you. However, given that Sri Lanka is a famous tourist destination, it results in an excess of tour guide companies, travel agencies, etc. Which means, you’re bound to find a whole bunch of travel packages.

We at Ceylon Ramblers’ Club however, try to keep our packages as flexible as possible. We have 1, 2 or even 3 day adventure packages that you can easily accommodate to your planned vacation. Or, you can even pick one of our 7-day tour packages as an option.

Tip No 3. Making the most of your stay

Plan a well balanced trip. Sometimes, the days are just not enough to cover everything. But that’s alright! It means that you are moved to travel again and explore further. Always try to plan the right balance of interests.

Tip No 4. Getting about alone

The best way to get about in colombo is to Uber it. Unfortunately Uber does not work island wide, but certain drivers are kind enough to switch off their meter at the end point, and drive you to your destination. The remaining distance is usually calculated with the odometer and multiplied into 32 (fee charged per KM).

The second best option would be to hire a tuk tuk. The tuk tuk network in Sri Lanka isn’t as bad as it was. With more tourists coming in, the drivers have improved their soft skills with time. In short, the chances of getting ripped off is low (but still possible).

The third best option would be to rent a vehicle for the duration of your stay. You would need to have an international drivers license and also be from one of the following countries to be eligible to drive in Sri Lanka.

The fourth option would be to use public transportation. Although it may be more tiring and time consuming, the public transportation system works smoothly in snail pace. You can easily book any train ticket to any destination (provided that trains travel to that location). There are 3 classes to select from, and has only a few improvements from one to another. The Public and private busses are often available to mostly everywhere. The availability of busses in the outskirts of major cities tend to take around 15 – 30mins.

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